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It’s known that football is a beautiful game and whether we’re watching it, playing it or doing both, it’s what we love. Take a look at our football content over the season and see how we play our part as the Football Association's Official Hygiene Partner.


Have you seen the Three Lions ritual?

Watch Conor Coady, Dominic Lewin-Clavert and Dean Henderson share their football rituals.

Ritual or Fictional

England stars Jude Bellingham, Kalvin Phillips and Conor Coady guess whether fan rituals are Ritual or Fictional

Celebration Re-creation

Watch our England stars Jude Bellingham, Conor Coady and Kalvin Phillips recreate famous celebrations from past and present!

The New Ritual

We put England stars Jude Bellingham, Conor Coady and Kalvin Phillips to the test with The New Ritual... but with a twist

Got a football ritual?

Rituals unite us through a belief that these rituals improve our performance. Some of us wear our socks inside out or need to clean our boots before every match. Tell us your football rituals on social!
Add the hashtag: #ShowUsYourRituals

Proud partner of The Football Association

Our goal is to reinforce good hygiene across every pitch through the rituals we do. We’re proving it’s natural to think about hygiene to help support what we love, football. So, we’re sharing our decades worth of hygiene expertise with the football community, working to create guidance, education and exclusive offers – for those that love to watch
it and those who love to play it.